A tool for developers who want Git superpowers

Become a master of Git!

gmaster intro video

gmaster takes a different approach compared to all the other Git clients:
it is visually rich, includes great diff and merge tools plus semantic technology.

Not just another command line wrapper.

Dark screenshot

Manage your repositories (local or remote)
Connect to remote servers (GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab, Azure...)

Commit and amend the changes
Push, pull and fetch your commits

Manage your branches
Merge and Cherry pick

Branch Explorer
Commit view

Side-by-side and visual diff
Semantic diff
Diff tracks moved code
Image diff

Semantic merge
Merge preview
Built-in 3-way merge
Cross-file refactor detection

Branch Explorer

Navigate your repository. Checkout branches, diff and merge from here.
And, identify the commits with more changes at a glance too.

gmaster Branch Explorer

Merge like an expert

Merge refactored methods. And even merge cross-file refactors by merging methods between files.

gmaster Merge

Diff side-by-side

To easily understand the code changes.

gmaster Diff side-by-side

Or check the visual diff.

gmaster Diff visual

Diff images

And check what changed by comparing them in several ways:
side-by-side, blend, swipe and also show the differences properties.

gmaster Diff images

What makes gmaster different?

There are other exceptional Git GUIs out there, like Tower and GitKraken. Find out what makes gmaster different.

gmaster Tower GitKraken SourceTree
Super intuitive Branch Explorer
Not just the classic Git commit tree
Yes No No No
Classic Git commit visualization
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Built-in side-by-side dif
Yes No Yes No
Built-in 3-way merge
Yes No Yes No
Built-in image diff
Yes No No No
Diff tracks moved code
Yes Nope Nope Nope
Semantic Diff
Understands refactor
Yes No No No
Semantic Merge
Merges refactored methods
Yes No No No
Cross-file refactor detection
Diffs moved methods across files
My job
No No No
Merge of cross-file refactors
Merge methods between files
My job
No No No
Merge preview
Nice way to understand what's going on
Yes No No No
Visual Studio Plugin
Yes No No No
Works on Windows
Superb Yes Yes Yes
Works on Linux
No No Yes No
Works on macOS
No Superb Yes Yes
Eats all RAM thanks to Electron
No No No No